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Christmas Countdown SALE at Speedlogix

Our Christmas Countdown SALE is underway for 2017. We will be featuring a new Speedlogix product each day from December 1st through the 24th, and each product put on sale will run from the date added until Christmas. (So, the special pricing isn't just for the one day the product is added.) The pricing will be BLOWOUT level so act fast before we sell out. All sales will be honored even if we sell out of the item you ordered.

DAY ........ PRODUCT ... SALE PRICE $ ... ... SAVINGS $ ... ... COUPON CODE ... ... LINK TO BUY ...
Dec. 1 Speedlogix Skip Shift Eliminator

$8 $11.88 OFF price is marked ORDER
Dec. 2 Speedlogix Harness Bar

$529 $270.88 OFF price is marked ORDER
Dec. 3 Speedlogix Billet Radiator Cap

$22 $12.88 OFF price is marked ORDER
Dec. 4 Speedlogix ABS Cover

$49 $30 OFF
price as marked ORDER
Dec. 5 Speedlogix Billet Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links
$169 $30 OFF price is marked ORDER

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